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Project Type
Water Treatment Plant
San Diego, CA
Malcolm Pirnie for City of
San Diego
$4.3 million
Alvarado Water Treatment Plant Modernization
Platt/Whitelaw Architects, Inc. provided architectural design services to the Prime Engineer for this modernization of an 85 MGD water treatment plant, comprising design, plans and specifications for six new buildings at the Water Filtration Plant. Additionally, field verification services, as-built drawings and selective interior demolition drawings for the existing headhouse building were included in Platt/Whitelaw’s assignment. The work was designed to be built in phases.
The existing plant’s Spanish/Moorish-style architecture is strongly responsive to its hilltop site. The plant is unique in that a portion of its original function was to provide soft water to its surrounding community, a process which never functioned correctly. The plant currently filters and otherwise processes City of San Diego water supplies. Platt/Whitelaw worked in concert with artist Robert Millar to develop a master plan for public access throughout the plant. Integrated architecture and artwork draw visitors through the plant’s processes, informing about each phase of treatment, thereby educating about protection and conservation of our water resources.
Platt/Whitelaw provided a study of the possibility of extending access all the way around Lake Murray. Alternate concepts were presented for future consideration: a pontoon bridge which skates on the water like a chain of water strider bugs; and a walkway attached to the top of the dam, suggesting a pipeline, but open to views of the lake and the canyon below.