Project Type
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Carlsbad, CA
Encina Wastewater Authority (EWA)
$14 million
Encina Water Pollution Protection Facility Operations and Maintenance Buildings
Encina Wastewater Authority (EWA) provides wastewater treatment to 300,000+ San Diego County residents at its Carlsbad Water Pollution Control Facility. This 44,000 sf project houses operations, maintenance, administration, laboratory, and environmental compliance departments for the 40 million gallon/day wastewater treatment plant, while adhering to EWA’s comprehensive sustainable site philosophy to provide an energy efficient and environmentally responsive facility.
EWA staff participation in the design process was instrumental in developing the ultimate project design solution. A needs assessment identified necessary facilities; provided first steps toward budgeting, design, and construction; and established detailed references throughout the design process. In cooperation with Staff, the following design criteria were developed:
Sustainable/energy efficient facilities
Minimize construction impacts
Optimize land use
Consolidate staff facilities
Balance security/public access
Durable, maintainable facilities
Accommodate future growth
Operationally efficient, high quality working environments
Future flexibility
The design emphasizes integrating informal meeting spaces, environments with natural light, and a multi-use boardroom/training room.
Adjacent plant facilities and buried utility systems constrain the site. Results locate the Operations Building with ocean views and exterior spaces introduced throughout. Multi-use boardroom and a closed session room occupy a one-story wing. The glass lobby buffers this, connecting with administration, operations control, and the south wellness/locker rooms. The Laboratories and lunchroom with adjacent dining terrace offering spectacular ocean views, and comprise the second floor. Intersecting the lobby, an uninterrupted balcony walkway defines the building’s main pedestrian spine. In like manner, a central gallery divides the Maintenance Building, and serves pedestrian circulation from the Operations Building to staff parking. Machine shops with drive-through access are to the east; offices and meeting spaces to the west - reducing the building’s scale from the street. The structure encases an existing pump station.
The resulting solution reflects effective documentation of staff needs, providing a working environment that imparts pride, comfort and efficiency and follows the owner’s sustainable site philosophy.