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Project Type
Escondido, CA
ISKCON of Escondido
Shri Shri Radha-Giridhari Temple Complex
Platt/Whitelaw Architects has developed the design and construction documents for ISKCON of Escondido Shri Shri Radha-Giridhari Temple complex based on the Owner’s set of conceptual drawings, elevations and floor plans. The Temple was designed in the traditional Vedic style of India, and will receive a stone veneer created by Indian masons.
The project will be built in Phases. Phase One will be designed and developed in such a way that future phases and expansion can be accomplished without much disturbance. Phase One comprises:
A two-level Main Temple of approximately 15,000 sf;
A dormitory/Guesthouse facility of 4,000 sf, designed for expansion up to 7,500 sf in later phases, with associated site work;
A South Indian-style Balaji Temple of 2,500 sf, to be bid as an additive alternate;
A ground- and structure-mounted photovoltaic system;
Site work, including
A wedding lawn area
The children’s play area (1500-2000 sf)
Traditional gardens with pre-engineered greenhouse, water- and stone-features
Landscaping of the all open areas, tree replacement, and fire mitigation
Irrigation system to distribute water from on-site well
Parking areas as required for Phase One
Public right-or-way street improvements including trees and lighting