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Project Type
Water Plant
San Diego, CA
San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater Dept
$6 million
South Bay
The Operations Building is divided into overlapping north and south wings which are linked by a skylit cross axis, establishing a public front side and a rear plant side, so interior spaces can be located according to their relationship to plant processes. Along the plant side, where they survey the process facilities, are the control room and the laboratory. Administrative offices and the lunch and meeting rooms overlook the Tijuana River valley from the public front side. Locker, mechanical and electrical and computer/electronics rooms are also provided.
The building is designed to conserve energy through choice of building materials, orientation on the site and configuration. A portion of the project budget was set aside for public art and the artist located a water feature in the building forecourt to symbolize the plant's infrastructural role. In this location, it is central to both public and staff uses of the plant.
The Maintenance Building houses the centralized mechanical/ HVAC equipment, the plant's maintenance shop and warehouse facilities. Following the architectural theme established by the Operations Building and extended throughout the plant, it orients its solid walls towards the sun, and its windows away, presenting its most open facade towards the entry drive.
The Chemical Building houses storage and chemical transfer systems, chemical feed systems and auxiliary and utility chemical systems. Chemicals are delivered by truck in returnable containers which can be off-loaded by fork lift or come to the plant in tank trucks. The storage area is adjacent to the Chemical Building.