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Project Type
Public Maintenance
Temecula, CA
City of Temecula
$6.7 million
Temecula Maintenance Facility and Corporate Yard
Responding to the needs of its growing community, the City of Temecula has expanded its operations onto a three-acre site adjacent to city hall. Platt/Whitelaw Architects worked with Richard Brady & Associates to program and design the new City Maintenance Facility and Corporate Yard, which totals approximately 17,000 square feet.
The facility programming phase consisted of comprehensive user workshops and interviews in order to identify the needs of all City departments accommodated on the facility’s current site. This needs assessment provided the basis for the design of the new facility.
The building and site improvements were designed to accommodate several phases of the City’s changing requirements. Expanded yard and parking facilities meet an immediate need for vehicles and site storage and operations. The building was designed to support phased move-in by several departments based on their anticipated expansion and the future relocation of city hall. The entire facility provides a high performance working environment for Public Works, Community Services, and various other departments now and in the future.